My Last Post for a While?

My roommate is moving out tomorrow, so I probably won’t be with internet again (with exception to my phone) until I’m in Japan. Also, my phone will not be working on the day of my flight (Saturday, 8/2) so this may be the last opportunity I have to address most of you.

Thank you for all the good times and all the great memories I’ve accumulated over the past 4 years of being back home. I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to meet new people, to have grown as an individual, as well as to have gotten to know a whole lot of you so much better while being back in town. Unfortunately, (or is it fortunately?) it seems like Life has propelled me to a different part of the world for the next 2-5 years of my life. I already know that I’ll be back next summer to renew my US driver’s license, as well as to attend an awesome party my friend wanted to throw for me before I left, but none-the-less, it will be rough not seeing and interacting with most of you for at least a year. In any case, this has been a dream of mine for years and I’m excited about this great opportunity to teach eager young learners, as well as to grow as an individual in the upcoming years. I know that deep inside, this is the type of opportunity my grandparents and mother set out for me and my family to accomplish for ourselves when we left the Philippines, and I will do everything I can to honor my mother and grandparents throughout the process.

At any rate, I’ve taken the liberty to create a new blog which I will use once I’m in Japan which will document my life as a foreigner, as an ALT, and as a tourist of Japan and southeast Asia; so feel free to bookmark it or subscribe to my posts if you feel the need: GaijinNoKeiken

Much Love.
- Lenny

  • Change is a part of Life and happens to everyone.
  • Change is an opportunity for me to grow.
  • Change brings new people, new opportunities and new perspectives.
  • Change helps strengthen my self-reliance, inner fortitude and inner faith – telling me I can handle anything.
  • Change is not a punishment.
  • Change reminds me to let go and surrender more to Life.

Counting Stars

OneRepublic – Counting Stars

I just listened to this song for the first time, yesterday, and although I can’t fully grasp what the song is trying to convey, there are two verses in the song that I can relate to.

  1. “Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive.”
  2. “Everything that drowns me, makes me want to fly.”

The first verse actually reminds me of the 4th of July in 2009, when I went skydiving with friends. I was excited to finally get the chance to do it, but once they opened the doors to that plane, I was terrified. Regardless of the matter, I crossed my arms to make an ‘X’ in front of my body as my tandem jumper counted us down from 5,000 feet up in the sky. Instead of saying ’3′, however, we leaped out of the plane and I started to fall. It was quite disorienting at first, but the view and the overall experience was incredible. I believe that it’s through this experience that I enjoy taking calculated risks, because at the end of the day we have to seize the day (carpe diem) and allow us to feel ‘alive’.

The second verse is something that is a bit closer to my heart, as I’ve always had a deep-seated passion for feeling ‘free’. As a kid, I had dreams where I flew, and in some cases I consciously knew that I was dreaming, but continued to do it anyway. It’s been years, perhaps even decades since I’ve had dreams of flying, but I can tell you that I don’t like feeling ‘trapped’ or tied down to a single place, object, or thing. I enjoy feeling… free.

I’m sure this has all been somewhat too personal or what-not, but what else is a blog for? In summation, I think I’m drawn to this song primarily for those two sentences than anything else. The end.

To Become An Educator

This video nearly brought me to tears. Kudos to the teachers, staff and this student’s fellow classmates for helping him to overcome his stammering, and allow him to find his voice. I don’t believe education is limited to what is taught in the classroom; rather it’s when a student comes to realize his or her fullest potential.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
― William Arthur Ward


My Wanderlust

“True, real, inspiration and growth only comes from adversity and from challenge; From stepping away from what’s comfortable and familiar, and stepping out into the unknown.”
- Ben Saunders

wanderlust-480x317This TEDtalks video excites me about the new chapter coming up in my life, and the opportunities that await me once my 2 to 5 years abroad are completed. I like to think that I have a terminal case of wanderlust, because my heart seems to yearn for travel, as well as a desire to experience new places, different people, and remarkable things. Watching something on tv, flipping through pictures, or even reading about people’s experiences aren’t enough for me, for some strange reason. More often than not, I feel like a big fish in a small pond, and to be sincerely honest, I feel as though I have barely made a scratch on this enormous and magnificent planet of ours.

I even created a new page on my blog entitled, “My World Map” which showcases the places I’ve traveled to and lived so far. If you take the time to look at that map, you can see for yourself how many places that I still want to go to and explore. I’m certain that I’ll be updating that map within the next couple of years, as I not-only travel around Japan, but also travel around southeast Asia with some fellow JETs. :) I feel so blessed. Thank you to everyone that has made so much of this possible for me, through your positive feedback, comments and moral support over the years. Without your encouragement, I’m certain that I wouldn’t have been able to make it to where I am, today.

(Inspired by the recent post on TED entitled: “Talks to give you wanderlust“)


Our Super-Mega Garage, Moving, Yard Sale

The first day is said and done, and I am exhausted.

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We were up late last night setting everything up, and were up early to ensure signs were properly posted and made before things started promptly at 9am. It could have been due to our lack of sleep and/or coffee, but I thought the first customer that showed up this morning was terrible. I’d go into details about some of the things she said and stated that kind of urked me, but I’ll save that story for another post. Regardless, I’m tired, sticky, and in need of a shower. Time to crash for a little while before I/we do it again, tomorrow (and the day after that). Thank you to Juan for your help, and to Taran for stopping by and sticking around for dinner at 5 Guys’ Burger and Fries.